KASOH-TAISHOW News No.51 July 1997

The rating of the 51st KASOH-TAISHOW

 The list of the 51st Kinchan's KASOH-TAISHOW participants

The prize winners of the 51st KASOH-TAISHOW

 Impression of the 51st KASOH-TAISHOW participants

 Question to the staff of the KASOH-TAISHOW

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The rating of the 51st KASOH-TAISHOW

The total of the applicant is 5218 groups.
The preliminaries were held at 11 places of the whole country.
40 groups passed the preliminary appeared.

Recorded in Korakuen hall on Sunday, May 4, 1997.
Broadcasted on Saturday, May 24, 1997, 19:00-20:54. 


A rating was 16.8% (NTV)

The list of the 51st Kinchan's KASOH-TAISHOW participants
No. TITLE Address Representative name  The number of persons
1 Bobsledding Nagano Yusuke Imai 9
2 Help me! Hokkaido Daichi Sasaki 1
3 Faucet Yamaguchi Kazuyoshi Kondo 2
4 The Galaxy Express 999 Fukuoka Erina Inoue 4
5 Compact Saitama Yuko Yamazaki 1
6 Scenery with the smoke Aichi Misako Hibino 2
7 Medley race Gunma Fumio Sato 1
8 A midnight merry-go-round Tokyo Midori Takahashi 37
9 Panorama photograph Yamagata Takatosi Umezu 2
10 Hula-Hoop Shizuoka Katsumi Ohashi 1
11 The trumpet which doesn't have sound Shizuoka Tomoji Horie 2
12 Niko niko face Oita Hyooi Livia 1
13 Fountain Kanagawa Minako Seo 18
14 Peacock Nagano Naohisa Arakawa 2
15 Horizontal bar doll Nagano Katsuhiko Mitsui 1
16 Let's play with the colors Chiba Ayashi Ishikawa 26
17 Kaerutch Gunma Keiichi Iizuka 1
18 Let's rock'n'roll Saitama Satomi Arai 2
19 Shuffle cards Fukui Atsushi Inagaki 2
20 Tornado Kanagawa Hiroshi Matsuda 1
21 Skydiving Osaka Ei Junsai 17
22 Specter wrist man Iwate Hideyoshi Takasawa 1
23 Loose-socks Yamagata Kentaro Mori 2
24 The thing which wind carries Hiroshima Rina Morishita 16
25 Shark Tokyo Hideki Kajiwara 1
26 Fly Osaka Emi Hayashi 3
27 Sparkler Gifu Hiroyoshi Maruyama 1
28 The dance of the bones "Dinosaur edition" Kanagawa Hajime Nagashima 12
29 The master of the karate Kagoshima Kiyoharu Shikine 1
30 Engine Hiroshima Osamu Doikawa 1
31 The monochrome world Osaka Mamoru Miyamoto 2
32 Sunset Yamagata Kyoko Funayama 2
33 Skiing jump Gunma Yoshio Machida 4
34 Skiing jump Mie Naoki Takagi 7
35 Lathe Aichi Tetsukazu Hasegawa 1
36 Terrible Jaggee Aichi Yumi Kanada 3
37 The repayment of the crane Shizuoka Tadayuki Murano 1
38 Magma Hiroshima Tomohide Nomiyama 1
39 Friend fishing of the ayu Hyogo Kojiro Nakamura 1
40 The display fireworks 100 running fire Ibaraki Daisuke Horiguchi 2

The prize winners of the 51st KASOH-TAISHOW
Victory Shuffle cards (No.19)
Semi-victory Horizontal bar doll (No.15)
The third prize Bobsledding (No.1)
Idea prize Kaerutch (No.17)
Humor prize The display fireworks 100 running fire (No.40)
Performance prize  Lathe (No.35)
Fantasy prize The dance of the bones "Dinosaur edition" (No.28)
Effort prize The thing which wind carries (No.24)
Technology prize The monochrome world (No.31)

Impression of the 51st KASOH-TAISHOW participants
(These words are quotations from the questionnaires.)

Thank you for fill out a questionnaire.

Last year, we failed to qualify in all the preliminaries. At last we could participate in the nationwide contest. No.2 Ms.Inoue

 I could pass with the re-challenge after the preliminary failure. I heartily appreciate the staff supported when I began to give up. No.5 Ms.Yamazaki

 I got tired. No.6 Ms. Hibino

 I had very good time. No.11 Mr.Horie

 It was terribly difficult. But, I could enjoy sense of fulfillment which no words express. No.13 Ms.Seo

 My abdominal muscle ached after the performance. I was in need of strength to perform it.  No.15 Mr.Mitsui

 I could make friends with other participants.  No.16 Mr.Ishikawa

 I got an idea prize. KASOH-TAISHOW is the spring of my life.  No.17 Mr.Iizuka

 (S) I found the stage smaller than I watched it on TV.
(M)I was being deceived by it. I learned that a dream is realized depends on the effort.
(S)What a wonderful TV program it is! We'll participate in the KASOH-TAISHOW again. No.18 Miss Arai

 I was surprised that the stage was small. I appreciate jolly company very much. No.19 Mr.Inagaki

 I felt my heart beating in my turn. I appreciate everyone's kindness. No.23 Mr.Mori

 I'm glad to make friends with people of the whole country whose hobby is the same as mine. I appreciated pleasure to participate in the KASOH-TAISHOW in a group. I was glad you cheered us. It is good that I see you again. No.24 Miss Morishita

 I got tense, because I participated in the KASOH-TAISHOW for the first time. No.26 Miss Hayashi

 I feel still as in a dream. I can't believe that I participated in the KASOH-TAISHOW. No.27 Mr.Maruyama

 I thought that the mood of the greenroom was the best. I enjoyed KASOH-TAISHOW with exciting. No.28 Mr.Nagashima

 I got tired. I did my best.No.34 Mr.Takagi

 After I go home, the emotion which I got in the KASOH-TAISHOW becomes my energy.The emotion that we are glad about our success proves that our hope is the same.Thank you for the best memories. No.35 Mr.Hasegawa

 We want to praise ourselves who made that setting and roperties in only one week. We were busy to death. I felt refresh, because the atmosphere in last party was especially good. Although I was very depressed until that time, I could do. Thank you! No.36 Ms.Kanada

 What fun it is to participate in the KASOH-TAISHOW! Love me. But, I'm still underage. No.38 Mr.Nomiyama

 The results were not so bad. No.39 Mr.Nakano


Question to the staff of the KASOH-TAISHOW
"They come when recording of the KASOH-TAISHOW is finished and I am relieved. They come when I'm absentminded. These contents are very painful. Are they possibly embarrassing questions? I found that It is impossible for me to escape from this reality; so, we must answer those questions, mustn't we?"
Q. Is there Masato Hagiwara's younger brother in the staff of KASOH-TAISHOW?
A.Yes, there is. (lie)
Q. Don't you hold KASOH-TAISHOW four times a year?
A. Aren't you bullying us?
Q.A staff's reason for living, hobby, shorts, an ideal spouse.
Reason for living
Mr.Kanbe I'm searching for it.
Mr.Yoshikawa My child's growth
Mr.Yamamoto Go to the land which I don't know
Mr.Nakata Conquest Japan (Change Japan like Jamaica.) 
Mr.Ichino Liquor
Mr.Takano Remove replay
Miss Ohno Eat a delicious food.

Mr.Kanbe Golf
Mr.Yoshokawa Child care
Mr.Yamamoto Pachinko
Mr.Nakata Sports
Mr.Ichino Drinking
Mr.Takano Slot machine, Virtua Fighter, fishing, etc.
Miss Ohno The trip to eat a lot of delicious food.

Mr.Kanbe Trunks
Mr.Yoshikawa Briefs
Mr.Yamamoto Trunks
Mr.Nakata Briefs
Mr.Ichino Loincloth (Fundoshi)
Mr.Takano Trunks
Miss Ohno T-back panties

An ideal spouse
Mr.Kanbe A smart woman
Mr.Yoshikawa My wife (I'm happy!)
Mr.Yamamoto The woman who like Hakata doll
Mr.Nakata The woman whom a mourning dress suits
Mr.Ichino I don't decline the woman who comes.
Mr.Takano The woman who know meaning of "Upper step blue 7 tenpai" or "Middle step single cherry "
Miss Ohno The man who have long hair and edged eyelids ( I love a good-looking man.)

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